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Broadband Impact

Agriculture Broadband…Now

Broadband has the potential to transform the agricultural industry in Missouri.

  • Providing an effective, low-cost tool to market products and sell directly to consumers.
  • Allowing ranchers and farmers “real time” commodity and trading information.
  • Reducing costs to farms and food processors to increase competitiveness.
  • Enabling fast access to distributors of seed, fertilizer, equipment and other agricultural resources.
  • Providing access to cloud computing to manage inventory, monitor seasonal applications and reduce energy and water consumption.

Healthcare Broadband…Now

Doctors Laptop

Broadband has the potential to transform healthcare across Missouri.

  • Providing hospitals, emergency rooms and health clinics the ability to transmit and interpret large health records including MRIs, ultrasounds and X-rays.
  • Allowing patients the ability to communicate with medical professionals confidentially, reducing travel and waiting room delays.
  • Exchanging “real-time” data from health monitoring devices worn by the patient, especially those with chronic or critical conditions.
  • Enabling health information to be preserved and retrieved securely, lowering the incidence of administering improper treatment and medication.

Economic Development Broadband…Now

Missouri must remain globally competitive, creating jobs, increasing efficiency and expanding innovation. Broadband enhances the opportunities for current businesses, while providing the infrastructure to attract entrepreneurs, high-skilled employees and technology based companies.


Education Broadband…Now

Broadband has the potential to transform elementary, secondary and higher education in Missouri.

  • Providing distance learning for students to enroll in elective or specialty coursework not offered on-site.
  • Enabling students to attend lectures and seminars remotely.
  • Creating a virtual forum for students to collaborate, integrating social media, video, wiki and blog tools with traditional course curriculum.
  • Connecting multiple college campuses simultaneously to maximize research, experimental testing and laboratory work.
  • Allowing parents to stay informed on student progress and participate in the educational environment.

Library Broadband…Now

Broadband has the potential to transform Missouri’s libraries and the communities they serve.

  • Allowing the community to connect at library computing centers with high-speed Internet and professional resource assistance.
  • Providing digital literacy and computer training opportunities to close the digital divide.
  • Enabling students and researchers access to educational materials and archival information not found elsewhere.
  • Assisting the community as a critical, free access point and link to government forms, job applications, business development information and day-to-day connectivity.

Municipal and County Government Broadband…Now

Municipal and county governments deliver a variety of services to their residents. Many governmental departments, agencies and staff are facing increasing demand for services coupled with shrinking budgets. Broadband has the potential to transform municipal and county governments with direct and efficient contact.

  • Enabling online handling of routine requests including licensing, registration, fees and permits.
  • Allowing “real time” traffic conditions and transportation updates.
  • Reducing “red tape” and shortening response time approving government applications.
  • Connecting multiple jurisdictions or constituents to join public meetings from a distance.

Public Safety Broadband…Now

Missouri’s emergency responders, firefighters and law enforcement officers are required to make lifesaving decisions no matter the obstacles of geography or natural and human disasters.

  • Providing first responders and emergency personnel with up-to-date maps, building plans and utility information at the scene.
  • Enabling more efficient treatment of the sick and injured in the field through medical sharing by the first responder en route to the hospital.
  • Facilitating faster, more productive searches across multiple databases often accessed by law enforcement.
  • Communicating in emergency situations when cellular and radio service are unavailable.
  • Creating a national broadband network ensuring the safety of Missouri residents.
  • Monitoring suspects in high-risk situations, strengthening homeland security, assisting law enforcement with instant background information.

Tourism Broadband…Now

Broadband is essential for tourist destinations and businesses in the hospitality industry. Travelers sometimes seek out distant locales to “get away from it all,” but they still want or need to be connected.

  • Enabling destinations the ability to offer online booking and travelers the ability to make transportation and lodging reservations.
  • Providing Missouri parks and conservation areas, hunting and fishing sites, museums and amusement parks the ability to market and promote attractions and events.