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Maps and Data

MoBroadbandNow publishes maps based on information provided by over 100 participating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) under non-disclosure agreements.  Variation in maps between publishing cycles in a result of the data MoBroadbandNow receives.

Missouri Interactive Broadband Map

You can now search for Missouri broadband availability using the Missouri Interactive Broadband Map. Using this site, you will be able to identify the name of Internet Service Providers in your county. You will also get information about the type of broadband connectivity that is available.

The information has been compiled from over 100 providers in Missouri through a grant funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Missouri information is submitted to the NTIA twice per year for inclusion in the interactive National Broadband Map.

MoBroadbandNow is not responsible for content from any external websites linked on the Missouri Interactive Broadband Map.

National Broadband Map

On February 17, 2011, the NTIA released an interactive National Broadband Map.

The National Broadband Map is a tool to search, analyze and map broadband availability across the United States. It is created and maintained by the NTIA, in collaboration with the FCC, and in partnership with 50 states, five territories and the District of Columbia.

MoBroadbandNow Statewide Maps

MoBroadbandNow has regularly developed statewide broadband service maps since 2010. New maps are produced and published at six month intervals as we receive new data from over 100 broadband providers from across Missouri. See below for the most current versions.

Statewide Service June 30th, 2014                       Statewide High Speed June 30th, 2014

Max. Advertised Download June 30th, 2014     Max. Advertised Upload Speed June 30th, 2014


Disclaimer: Four (4) satellite broadband providers are not included in mapping. These products are intended for general reference, and mapped service areas do not guarantee broadband availability.

Areas identified as PROVIDER DATA UNAVAILABLE and SPEED DATA UNAVAILABLE are not necessarily unserved by broadband.  MoBroadbandNow may not have received any spatial data regarding broadband availability in these areas.

Archived Statewide Service Maps

Archived Statewide Service Overview Maps

Archived Statewide Speed Maps

Regional Maps

View Regional Maps and Data