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MoBroadbandNow Mapping FAQ

How was the data for the maps collected and verified?

Data is collected from Internet Service Providers through non-disclosure agreements.  Missouri currently has over 120 ISPs participating in data collection efforts.  Providers can submit data in different formats including shapefiles, text-based data, or paper maps, which the mapping team then consolidates and integrates into a common model.

Collecting data is important, and so is verifying it.  There are several methods of verification, which include field verification, the speed test, and data collection at events around the state, including the Missouri State Fair.

And once the data is collected and verified, we map it to show broadband access in Missouri. View the statewide speed and service maps here and regional maps here.

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The map shows service where I live, but I don’t have any. What should I do?

There may be several different reasons why the map shows more providers or a higher speed of service than you are able to get at your address.  Providers, under NTIA reporting guidelines, are able to report the area they would be able to reasonably serve within 7-10 business days.  This is often larger than their current service territory.  Additionally, the map shows both wired and wireless data – if you see five providers listed, but you only know of one DSL or cable provider in your area, the other four may be mobile wireless carriers.

That brings us to what you should do.  In addition to extensive field verification of data submitted, hearing from Missouri residents is very important to our data verification efforts.  You can take the speed test, which is part of our data verification and will provide information on your ISP and connection speed.  You can also email us at and let us know that you think your area on the map has been misrepresented.

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I am a broadband provider in Missouri, but I am not on the interactive map. What can I do?

Contact GeoDecisions by emailing Brian Rudolph at or by phone at 314-770-9090 x11. Please keep in mind, only primary providers are included on the map, and not resellers.

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Other government agencies define broadband as 4 mbps download/1 mbps upload. Why does MoBroadbandNow use a different standard?

MoBroadbandNow is currently collecting broadband data as a part of the NTIA’s State Broadband Initiative (SBI).  In order to make combining Missouri’s  broadband data with the broadband data collected by other SBI grantees as  easy as possible, MoBroadbandNow has chosen to continue to report broadband speeds using the speed tiers set by the NTIA.  Because of the way that NTIA has framed its speed tiers, it is not currently possible to re-categorize the broadband speed data to match the FCC’s 4 mbps down/1 mbps up threshold.

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