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Maximum Advertised Upload Speed Maps

Like the High Speed Availability maps, this series is designed to give consumers an idea of what speeds they can expect to have access to given the provider data available to MoBroadbandNow.  However, unlike the High Speed Availability Maps, this series displays only the upload speeds that providers are able to offer consumers and does not group multiple speeds into categories. 

These maps display both wired and wireless broadband providers. Wired broadband service areas are shown on top of wireless broadband service areas.  In many cases, this results in wired broadband service visually obstructing wireless broadband service.  This has been done intentionally, in order to take advantage of the finer spatial resolution of the wired broadband service data.  Therefore, in some of the mapped area, slightly faster broadband speeds may be available.

Statewide Maximum Advertisd Upload Speed Map, Current as of June 30, 2013

Disclaimer: Four (4) satellite broadband providers are not included in mapping. These products are intended for general reference, and mapped service areas do not guarantee broadband availability.

Areas identified as SPEED DATA UNAVAILABLE are not necessarily unserved by broadband.  MoBroadbandNow may not have received any spatial data regarding broadband availability in these areas.