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Big River Telephone

Big River Telephone                                   Coverage Map of Big River Broadband Project
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Name of Rural Development Program:
Broadband Initiatives Program
Project Name: Big River Broadband Project
Applicant Name: Big River Broadband, LLC
Project Location: Southern Missouri

Benefits: Last Mile Broadband Infrastructure

Number of Jobs: 1,370 Created or Retained

Project Tracking and Transparency

ARRA Funds

  • Total $ 24,382,055


Background and Historical Data
Big River Broadband Project will bring high speed Internet access to a seven county area in southeast Missouri, providing access to 44,967 households and 7,511 businesses. Big River has worked extensively with community leaders throughout the Proposed Funded Service Area (PFSA). There are 39 census defined communities within the PFSA and 311 anchor institutions. Big River will be providing high speed Internet access (both fixed and mobile) at download speeds up to 14.4 Mbps and upload speeds of 5.8 Mbps. Big River will be deploying a wireless broadband network using its existing AWS licensed spectrum along with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology over these licensed frequencies.  This technology supports high speed connectivity to the Internet for data, voice and video applications, for both mobile and fixed locations.