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Orchard Farm Telephone Co.

Coverage map of Orchard Farm Telephone Co Broadband Project to Serve Rural Unserved Establishments

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Name of Rural Development Program: Broadband Initiatives Program

Project Name: Orchard Farm Telephone Co. Broadband project to serve rural unserved establishments

Applicant Name: Orchard Farm Telephone Co.

Project Location: Eastern Missouri

Benefits: Last Mile Broadband Infrastructure

Number of Jobs: 16 Created or Retained


Project Tracking and Transparency


ARRA Funds

  • Loan $ 0
  • Total $ 604,794


Background and Historical Data
Orchard Farm Telephone Co., a subsidiary of TDS Telecom, proposes a project to bring high-speed DSL broadband service to unserved establishments within its rural service territory, which is comparable to the DSL service provided in its more populated areas. The network is also engineered so that it can be easily upgraded at a reasonable cost to meet future needs.