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Ralls County Electric Cooperative

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Name of Rural Development Program: Broadband Initiatives Program
Project Name: Ralls County Electric Fiber-to-the-Home Project
Applicant Name: Ralls County Electric Cooperative
Project Location: Ralls County, Missouri

Benefits: Last Mile Non Remote Broadband Infrastructure

Number of Jobs (direct and indirect) Created or Saved: 35

Project Tracking and Transparency

ARRA Funds

  • Total $ 19,097,817


Background and Historical Data
Ralls County Electric Cooperative (RCEC) proposes to build and operate a fiber optic network to the residential and commercial members of the cooperative as well as to underserved safety and anchor agencies in its service area. This project is designed to allow multiple qualified vendors to offer services on the system. As the current electric provider for the Army Corps of Engineer’s Clarence Cannon Dam project, RCEC has a long-standing relationship with the Corps. RCEC’s fiber project will enable the upgrade of Corps communication infrastructure (also an ARRA project). The fiber network will also enable “Smart Grid” technologies such as advanced metering infrastructure and automatic meter reading, revitalize local economic development and create sustainable jobs for our members and communities. The Ralls County Electric Fiber-to-the-Home Project has been selected as a last-mile demonstration project for Governor Jay Nixon’s broader state-wide public-private broadband initiative, and non-proprietary data will be shared.