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Sho-Me Technologies


Sho-Me Service Coverage Area Map

Sho-Me Service Coverage Map
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Name of Rural Development Program:  Broadband Initiatives Program
Project Name:  Sho-Me MO
Applicant Name:  Sho-Me Technologies L.L.C. a subsidiary of Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative
Project Location:  South Central Missouri

 Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure

Project Tracking and Transparency

ARRA Funds  

Sho-Me Technologies Award Summary on

  •      Loan $  0
  •      Grant $  26.6 Million
  •      Cash and In-Kind Match $  11.4 million
  •      Total $  38 million


Background and Historical Data
Sho-Me Technologies proposes to deploy a fiber-based middle-mile network named “Sho-Me MO” project in the 30-county region as a backbone infrastructure to expand broadband capabilities and foster SmartGrid applications in partnership with electric cooperatives for more efficient and secure energy use in the region.

Today, many community-serving institutions in south-central Missouri rely on copper-based Internet access, but need significantly higher speeds to enable distance learning, tele-health, and advanced public safety applications. Broadband connectivity is a crucial element to Missouri remaining globally competitive in the 21st century.

As part of Missouri’s MoBroadbandNow initiative, the Sho-Me MO project also plans to improve education for students by connecting K-12 schools and improve government services currently limited by budget cuts, and strengthens public safety services by facilitating connections to regional law-enforcement databases.

The Sho-Me MO project proposes to connect up to 100 community anchor institutions, including as many as 30 K-12 schools, two public safety entities, 30 libraries, 15 government facilities, three community colleges, five other institutions of higher learning, and five healthcare providers, with the potential to serve an additional 8,000 anchor institutions in Missouri.

Construction consists of 500 miles of new fiber optic cable and incorporates 880 miles of existing fiber to facilitate more affordable and accessible services by enabling last-mile and local Internet service providers to utilize the project’s open network.

Sho-Me Technologies has operated an advanced optical network since 1997. Sho-Me Technologies’ fiber optic network now spans over 2,000 miles, with over 120 points of presence, the highest coverage of optical bandwidth in the area. For more information on the Sho-Me MO project visit