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United Electric Cooperative

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Name of Rural Development Program: Broadband Initiatives Program
Project Name: United Electric Fiber Initiative
Applicant Name: United Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Project Location: Northwestern Missouri

Benefits: Last Mile Broadband Infrastructure

Number of Jobs: 113 Created or Retained

Project Tracking and Transparency

ARRA Funds

  • Total $ 21,213,106


Background and Historical Data
United Electric Cooperative will build an advanced FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) network capable of delivering high-speed broadband service capable of 100 Mbps. United will also add additional fiber strands to create a dedicated 1 gigabit education network, providing our rural school systems and libraries an exponential increase in broadband access. This education intranet, named the Cooperative Network for Rural Education Advancement (CnREA) will open the door to advanced education options through the use of video delivery and shared resources.

The system will be an open network model with competing internet, video and voice providers offering advanced broadband applications directly to 4224 households and 58 businesses in rural, underserved portions of Andrew, Buchanan, Clinton, Dekalb, Gentry and Nodaway counties in Northwest Missouri. Furthermore, the United fiber network will provide the opportunity for up to 150 critical community anchor institutions, including 21 rural communities, 33 school facilities, 38 health facilities, 31 public safety entities, 5 libraries and 3 prisons to connect. The network spans 1370 miles at a cost of $21.8 million, and United Electric Cooperative seeks a 70% grant, 30% RUS loan for the project.