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Utopian Wireless

Utiopian Wireless Logo                    Coverage Map of Utopian Benton WiMax Project

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In July 2011, the Utopian Wireless broadband project was terminated and the Rural Utility Service award/s under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have been returned to the U.S. Treasury


Name of Rural Development Program: Broadband Initiatives Program
Project Name: Utopian Benton WiMax Project
Applicant Name: Utopian Wireless Corporation
Project Location: Scott County, Missouri

Benefits: Last Mile Broadband Infrastructure

Number of Jobs: 11 Created or Retained

ARRA Funds – 

Loan: $ 62,433
Grant: $ 187,298
Total: $ 249,731


Background and Historical Data
This project will bring WiMAX infrastructure to rural communities in and around Benton, MO. Utopian will provide 4G portable/mobile broadband access over licensed 2.5 GHz spectrum to underserved households and businesses and provide discounted services to community anchor institutions. The project prioritizes job creation and economic development through improved access to broadband.