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Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission


Counties: Boone, Callaway, Cole, Cooper, Howard, and Moniteau (view map)

The Missouri Office of Administration launched MoBroadbandNow in 2009. This five-year initiative seeks to expand broadband accessibility to 95% of Missourians, especially those in rural areas. To complete this task, every region in the state is engaging in an effort to identify broadband needs at the local level.

The task of the planning team, referred to as the Regional Technology Planning Team (RTPT), will be to find out what are the important issues for the region, collect data on the attitudes, needs, and interests of the stakeholders, and then craft a strategic broadband plan for the region.

Address:  206 E. Broadway, P.O. Box 140, Ashland, MO 65010

Phone:  (573) 657-9779

Fax:  (573) 657-2829


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Broadband Study Findings

What impact does Broadband really have on the people in Mid-Missouri?

• Add an effective, low-cost tool to market products, sell directly, check inventory
• Supply real time commodity & trading information in rural areas
• Enable faster access to distributors of seed, fertilizer, equipment
Economic Development
• Maintain global competitiveness & create jobs
• Enhance opportunities for businesses and prospective customers
• Keep high skilled workers in the region & attract technology companies
• Provide distance learning for students
• Offer high-speed Internet for students who don’t have it at home
• Connecting multiple education centers for research, testing, & lab work
• Keeping parents informed on student progress
• Allow communities to connect to high-speed Internet for resources & job applications
• Assist the community as a critical, free access point for day-to-day connectivity
Local Government
• Enable online processing of routine requests for licensing, registration, fees and permits
• Reduce response time for services and applications
• Connect citizens to government
• Give patients the option to communicate with doctors at home or in regional centers
• Provide hospitals & clinics with the ability to share records
Public Safety
• Provide emergency personnel with maps, building plans & utility information at the scene
• Contact personnel in emergency situations when cellular & radio service are unavailable
• Create a national broadband communication network.

Mid-Missouri Regional Maps for June 30, 2013

Internet Service                     Highspeed Availibility             Maximum Download Speed

For access to older maps check out the data on the Regional Maps Overview page.