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Survey Questions

#1 How do you use the Internet or other network services at your organization? Thinking about the work that you have done over the last year, were there instances when your Internet or broadband service or Internet service provider made all the difference in whether those projects were successful or not?

#2 Think about the times when you haven’t had enough broadband availability, or there have been other issues surrounding broadband, that have caused problems in completing a project or making a connection that was needed. Have you attempted and then failed at recent initiatives, or simply weren’t able to participate or launch a program or service, because you didn’t have enough broadband service, capacity or other related features to launch the program or service with confidence?

#3 What are the key applications or business uses on a day to day basis where your organization needs efficient and reliable broadband services in the Mid-Missouri RPC region?

#4 How do you see potential broadband needs in the future related to your organization?

#5 How important is this issue to libraries in the Mid-Missouri region? If you were creating a list of priorities for the Mid-Missouri region, where would you rank addressing the problem of broadband capacity? First, fifth, tenth — not on the list?

#6 Is there anything else that you would like to say about broadband, or high-speed Internet service in the Mid-Missouri region?